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Our View: First lady's efforts good for North Dakota
It's called "Recovery Reinvented," and it will focus on addiction, recovery, criminal justice reform and sober living. The event will include state and nationally recognized speakers who have employed innovative recovery efforts. She hopes it will ...

Why It Took Google So Long to End Shady Rehab Center Ads
In May, scores of people on the front lines of America's opioid crisis packed the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers conference in Austin to listen to a Google contractor named Josh Weum. Google LLC doesn't have anything to do with ...

Fundraiser aims to erase stigma from drug addiction recovery
GREENFIELD — Under a cloudless blue sky on an almost too-warm autumn morning, dozens gathered Saturday on the courthouse plaza for the third annual Ashley Burton Recovery Walk, dedicated this year to the memory of Cord Tucker. Burton, Tucker and ...

City awarded $2M for addiction treatment
HUNTINGTON- Federal grant funding totaling $2 million is headed into Huntington to help establish the city's own Quick Response Team, a multi-agency method to devise individual treatment in the days following a person's overdose, and the Turn Around ...

Former Hole Drummer Patty Schemel Details Addiction & Recovery In Memoir
The drummer's upcoming memoir explores her struggles with addiction, her departure from Hole, being homeless in LA, and her inspiring road to recovery. Image: Patty Schemel Photo via YouTube. Courtney Love's grunge-rock act Hole was no stranger to ...

GOP's new Obamacare repeal bill would leave opioid addicts without treatment
Treatment for more than 100,000 heroin and prescription opioid addicts would no longer be covered under Medicaid if the Senate's latest Obamacare repeal proposal were to become law. That's one ancillary effect of the legislation been pushed by ...

Spread the word: Recovery is possible
And there are new treatment tools, including Medication Assisted Treatment, the standard of care for opiate addiction. Recovery Engagement Centers, filled with volunteers and people with lived recovery experience are popping up across the state as ...

Report Finds Gaps in Access to Opioid Addiction Help on Staten Island
The product of that collaboration, a report titled, “Staten Island Needs Assessment,” revealed significant gaps in access to addiction treatment in the borough. The study mapped treatment clinics and compared them to overdoses by ZIP code and found few ...

Drug Implants Could Be the Future of Opioid Addiction Treatment
Jamey Summers is in a good mood for someone about to have surgery. Beside the 41-year-old Northampton resident, who sits on an exam chair, Dr. Kate Atkinson is going over the procedure with her staff — they will insert four small rods containing drugs ...

Walk supports those fighting with addiction by Johanna S. Billings
She was driving on I‑95 across the Piscataqua River Bridge back into Maine when he called her and said he made the call and would be enrolling in the Arise Addiction Recovery program in Machias. He already has a job as a carpenter and plans to stay in ...

Recovery movement gets big win in Erie County
A vote by commissioners on Thursday to back a plan for the health department to acquire the Ability Works building on Sandusky's west side is the final pillar for a complete circle of care for addiction recovery. The building is adjacent to the new ...

Indivior fends off first copycat threat to its best-seller opioid addiction treatment
Drugmaker Indivior has fended off the first of six threatened rival products to its best-seller treatment for opioid addiction Suboxone, after a ruling earlier this month paving the way for rivals sliced £1bn from its market value. The FTSE 250 firm ...

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How to End Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are very serious problems facing society. Every year they destroy countless families and cause untold damage to communities. As serious as these problems are, however, there are ways to end a person’s substance abuse or addiction through treatment. It is important that people understand what treatment for these disorders is and how it can help end these... [Continue Reading]

Uncovering the Truth About Regression Therapy

Seeking out the truth about your past lives can be quite a big deal and, many times, you may be looking at a number of details related to those past lives as you explore just what it is that you need to work out in regards to the whole thing. That being said, what is the truth about regression therapy? How can it help you to work out your life in healthy ways and give you the freedom that you... [Continue Reading]

Helping Body and Mind In Recovery

Much of the process of addiction recovery focuses on the mind. That's because we understand that addiction stems from a mental disease: Either choosing to abuse the substance, or reaching a point where you are no longer able to choose not to abuse it. The physical aspect of addiction is addressed only in terms of the physiological impacts of withdrawal And this strategy usually works. But for... [Continue Reading]

Family Gatherings and Sobriety: How to Avoid Your Triggers

Everyone gets so excited about the upcoming milestones that are celebrated this time of year.  Weddings, graduations, proms, and other occasions where family will gather can be wonderful, except when they aren’t.   And often, they aren’t when the person in recovery shows up.  Whether they mean to or not, family have a way of pushing buttons, bringing up old... [Continue Reading]

Teen Stress: 4 School Factors That Influence Substance Abuse

The teenage years are often depicted as being full of fun and freedom. However, teenagers today are exposed to far more stress than many adults realize, and just going to school exposes teens to situations that can leave them feeling overburdened. Unfortunately, many teens turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with unmanaged stress. This is why parents and educators should be aware of... [Continue Reading]

Men, Women and Addiction: Stats and Facts

Addiction is a disease that affects all of us. Both men and women can battle addiction, but there are gender differences with drug use. These quick facts about drug abuse and addiction among the sexes offer a sobering look at how men and women differ in substance use. Women and Addiction RISKS OF ADDICTION Women suffer more from anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders that... [Continue Reading]

Exercising Your Way To Protection

Well you guessed it, summer is almost here. It’s time to get that body into shape and get those abs showing. We all have our insecurities about our bodies, and if you say you don’t everyone knows you are telling “porkies” Maybe it’s time we all took action and did something about it. We all want that “beach body” that we see in the media on a daily... [Continue Reading]

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