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Viral video hides Christie's ugly truth and awful record on addiction | Editorial
"By every objective measure, Governor Christie has made an unprecedented commitment to addiction treatment and prevention in New Jersey that exceeds any other previous administration," said Kevin Roberts, a Christie spokesman. But the administration ...

Suboxone: Drug addiction treatment drug being smuggled into prisons
SUBOXONE: BOON OR BANE Suboxone: Drug addiction treatment drug being smuggled into prisons. A highly touted drug used for the treatment of opiate addiction has an unforeseen side effect: inmate smuggling. Story · Comments · Image (3). Print: Create ...

Equine Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment
Horses are a common therapy tool in programs for people with developmental disabilities, such as Eagle Mount, but RMTC's is the only facility in Montana using the therapy for addiction treatment, as far as Hofer knows. It's a natural fit. “Horses live ...

Maine's few addiction treatment centers have long waiting lists
Now more than half of my practice time is spent taking care of drug-dependent people. I have witnessed how drug addiction is ravaging Maine. It's incomprehensible to me that “99 percent of adults age 26 or older who needed addiction treatment for ...

New Md. bishop understands addiction, recovery
Chilton Knudsen has two training specialties that are rare for a priest but that come in handy in church work: addiction recovery and conflict resolution. The 69-year-old Episcopal bishop's unusual expertise feels particularly relevant in her new ...

Did you know that there's a smartphone addiction treatment center in existence?
Last week, we touched upon the subject of nomophobia, a most modern illness that has everything to do with the undue separation anxiety we feel from being left without our smartphones. This is a legitimate disorder that's quite capable of leading to ...

Addiction treatment requires more than meds maintenance
Prescription pain medication abuse began to escalate about 15 years ago in Tennessee and across the nation. Opioid addiction, which is the technical term for addiction to pain medication, has become the most commonly occurring diagnosis among the ...

New addiction treatment sought
“In terms of addiction treatment I don't see well developed infrastructure of education and treatment,” he said. “It's not specific to the Dayton area. … This whole treatment of addiction started in the era before this problem was so medicalized. That ...

Lakeview Health Addiction Treatment Center Shows How Grateful Those in ...
Lakeview Health Addiction Treatment Center Shows How Grateful Those in ...

Rehabs struggle to address higher addiction rates, lower treatment success in ...
Rehabs struggle to address higher addiction rates, lower treatment success in ...

Nearly Half Of Those Seeking Treatment For Opioid Addiction Are Baby Boomers ...
Nearly Half Of Those Seeking Treatment For Opioid Addiction Are Baby Boomers ...

Will CDC Guidelines Promote Addiction Treatment?
The quick answer to the question “Will treatment providers be able to treat patients coming in addicted to opioids because they have been thrown off their pain medications next year?” is no. The treatment system can't even treat all the patients who ...

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Smart Drugs Can Improve Your Thinking

When you have the ability to think clearly and rationally all throughout the day, you can get a great deal more accomplished and feel better about you. Of course, not everyone to experience this type of thinking, especially when most people typically some type of wall or wall during the day where they lack the energy to keep their focus and concentration at the top level. Many people may... [Continue Reading]

Home Dementia Care Facts To Remember

Whenever a person is suffering from dementia there are various impairments that appear in memory, thinking and communication. Statistics show that 25% of the over 50 years old patients that need caregivers suffer from dementia. It is not currently known why dementia appears but it is thought that the cause is a disease or a medical condition with genetic components. In the event that you are... [Continue Reading]

Laser Skin Treatment Advantages And Disadvantages

The constant increase in the popularity of laser skin treatment is quite obvious because of the fact that this procedure is capable of dealing with various skin problems. This includes the removal of unwanted hair, sun damage, birthmarks, wrinkles and acne. Medically speaking, various benefits can be gained from such a procedure. Removing Hair One of the main uses these days is related to... [Continue Reading]

How To Identify Cancerous Moles

The mole is definitely something that we need to learn more about. In time, a mole can easily change appearance. However, any change should not be dramatic or sudden. If you bear a mole, it is vital that you know the changes that can appear. This will help you to differentiate between the unhealthy and the healthy moles. As soon as you notice that a mole is quickly changing appearance based on... [Continue Reading]

Uncovering the truth about dual diagnosis

Substance abuse and mental illness may be separate issues, but go together just as well as peanut butter and jelly. Individuals suffering from mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.—often deal with substance abuse or drug addiction as a way to alleviate their emotional suffering. A combination of the two illnesses... [Continue Reading]

What are the common types of addiction treated by rehab clinics?

Addiction isn’t something that just happens to a few people. Millions of people in the US suffer from addiction and millions more are affected by knowing someone who is struggling to recover from addiction issues. Addiction is hard to overcome. It’s not just about abstaining; it’s about discovering and treating the underlying issues that can lead to addiction Often... [Continue Reading]

There Are Multiple Options For Recovery

It is challenging to find an addiction treatment option to treat every addict since they all come from different backgrounds and cultures. At A Forever Recovery, they have put together a handful of programs patients can choose from be it the faith-based, the 12-step program, holistic, cognitive, etc. Since everyone is different, a one-program-fits-all approach is tough to impose. At A Forever... [Continue Reading]

Assisted Hatching’s Role In In-Vitro Fertilization

In order for an embryo to be implanted inside the uterus, it has to divide naturally so that a multi cell embryo that includes fluid cavity is created. That fluid cavity is known as blastocyst and is coated with Zona Pellucida, which is also known as Zona and is a gel like material. Blastocysts are implanted inside the uterus only when cells break through this Zona. This is the process that is... [Continue Reading]

Occupational Health In The Corporate World

Modern business evolved to the point in which a lot more is done that what was done in the past and the stress that appears with most jobs at the moment is higher. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to focus on work efficiency and what happens at work with all the employees. Unhealthy minds do produce errors on the long run and the healthy mind will always be able to produce work that is... [Continue Reading]

Five Steps to Breaking an Addiction

Breaking an addiction is often a lifelong battle. By their nature, addictions are habits that can feel nearly impossible to break. However, addictions do not have to rule your life. While it can take dedication and a lot of willpower to battle through an addiction, you can overcome them. Addictions come in many forms, some which can have more severe consequences than others. Regardless of... [Continue Reading]

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