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Quarrel reignites over opioid addiction, recovery
Remarks by a top U.S. health official have reignited a quarrel in the world of addiction and recovery: Does treating opioid addiction with medication save lives? Or does it trade one addiction for another? Health Secretary Tom Price's recent comments ...

Gov. Burgum donates salary to addiction recovery, treatment initiatives
But, Burgum is still determined to come through on his promise. The first six months of Burgum's salary amounts to about $51,000 in net income. That money will be donated to addiction recovery and treatment initiatives, which will be announced at a ...

Stafford Township Police Set to Join Forces in the New "HART" Addiction Recovery and Treatment Program
TOMS RIVER - On Friday May 19, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato announced that the “Heroin Addiction Response Program” (HARP) will now be known as the “Blue Hart” (Blue Heroin Addiction Recovery & Treatment) Program. The new name ...

Burgum to Donate Salary to Improve Addiction Treatment
Burgum says his donation will be "seed money" in improving addiction treatment statewide. Helgaas Burgum has said in the past she is a recovering alcoholic and wanted to use her experience to help others. Burgum's gross salary for the half-year amounts ...

HHS Secretary Tom Price Touts Faith-Based Rehab Over Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment. These 600 Experts ...
HHS Secretary Tom Price Touts Faith-Based Rehab Over Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment. These 600 Experts ...

Colorado advances measures to step up battle against opioid addiction
Senate Bill 74 will help increase access to addiction treatment, including behavioral therapy and medication, the local lawmakers said. "This represents a bold and innovative effort to directly tackle some of the very serious challenges of opioid ...

Fallen Angels motorcycle ride benefits addiction recovery foundation
CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Dozens of motorcyclists gathered in Chicopee Sunday to help honor those who have lost their lives to addiction, and to raise money for those who are currently fighting. Nancy Figueroa from the Anthony Cavallini Foundation told ...

Texas will receive millions of dollars to fight Opioid addiction | WOAI
SAN ANTONIO- A newly awarded federal grant may help fight the Opioid crisis throughout the nation.Now, with approval from the Trump administration, the U.S ...

Fallen Angels motorcycle ride benefits addiction recovery foundation ...
Fallen Angels motorcycle ride benefits addiction recovery foundation ...

YOUR OPINION: Think big for addiction treatment - Pressconnects
On May 10, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar invited the public to a meeting at the Broome County Library to provide community input on the possible use ...

2 for-profit addiction treatment facilities coming to Greensburg area
As the heroin epidemic continues to ravage Western Pennsylvania, two new for-profit treatment facilities are coming to the Greensburg area with plans to help addicts. New York City-based Post Acute Recovery will open its first addiction treatment ...

Elburn Plan Commission recommends proposed addiction treatment center to Village Board
ELBURN – After an extensive public hearing – where residents asked questions, expressed concerns and a few expressed support – the Elburn Plan Commission unanimously voted to recommend approval for an addiction treatment center to open on the ...

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Teen Stress: 4 School Factors That Influence Substance Abuse

The teenage years are often depicted as being full of fun and freedom. However, teenagers today are exposed to far more stress than many adults realize, and just going to school exposes teens to situations that can leave them feeling overburdened. Unfortunately, many teens turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with unmanaged stress. This is why parents and educators should be aware of... [Continue Reading]

Men, Women and Addiction: Stats and Facts

Addiction is a disease that affects all of us. Both men and women can battle addiction, but there are gender differences with drug use. These quick facts about drug abuse and addiction among the sexes offer a sobering look at how men and women differ in substance use. Women and Addiction RISKS OF ADDICTION Women suffer more from anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders that... [Continue Reading]

Exercising Your Way To Protection

Well you guessed it, summer is almost here. It’s time to get that body into shape and get those abs showing. We all have our insecurities about our bodies, and if you say you don’t everyone knows you are telling “porkies” Maybe it’s time we all took action and did something about it. We all want that “beach body” that we see in the media on a daily... [Continue Reading]

Therap's role in beating addiction

Dealing with addiction is an ongoing battle for anyone at any stage of the recovery process. When an addiction is at its most destructive a treatment program can be essential for a person to lift themselves off rock-bottom and start forging a new life path but once a person is out the other side, the struggle is far from over. Therapy and counseling are essential components to help an addict... [Continue Reading]

Choosing the Right Body Sample for a Drug Test

Drug use can have an adverse effect on students and working employees. Drug addicts are likely to change jobs frequently than non-substance users. They are also prone to workplace accidents, and are tend to be less productive. Drug users are found to be inconsistent in their daily activities, like toggling between home and work, making a presentation, and other such activities. The government... [Continue Reading]

Ibogaine Treatment: An Alternative Approach to Ending Addiction

Finding the right addiction treatment is vital when it comes to finding lasting freedom. And, just as different as each addiction is, approaches to treating addiction can differ greatly as well. Not every person addicted to drugs or alcohol is going to find the freedom they’re looking for in one specific treatment, which is why it’s imperative that they know all options available. ... [Continue Reading]

US Addiction Services Provide Advice on Sober Living

Have you ever listened to someone refer to a past addiction from which they’ve been clean for a very long period of time? You will rarely hear them say “I am a recovered addict.” Why? Because that is one of the biggest mistakes an addict can make and that is to overestimate the power your drug of choice has over you. What you will hear them say is “I am a recovering... [Continue Reading]

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