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Doctor readies for breakthrough opioid treatment option
SAN ANTONIO - Nearly six months after the FDA approved an implant for the treatment of opioid addiction, a San Antonio-area doctor is preparing to offer the therapy to his patients. Dr. Jeffrey Butts, of Boerne, said the buprenorphine implant is ...

Halifax addiction recovery homes rethink methadone ban
With an increasing number of people taking methadone for opioid withdrawal, two addiction recovery homes in the Halifax area have altered their policies to help people trying to beat their drug problems. The Marguerite​ Centre helps women recovering ...

NJTV Seeks Poems To Tell Stories of Addiction, Treatment and Recovery
(NEWARK, NJ) -- NJTV, New Jersey's public television network, announced an open call for original poetry about the impacts of drug addiction. The poetry initiative is part of the network's year-long community engagement project addressing the Garden ...

States See Peer-Recovery Coaches As A Way To Break The ...
States See Peer-Recovery Coaches As A Way To Break The ...

Halifax addiction recovery homes rethink methadone ban - Nova ...
Halifax addiction recovery homes rethink methadone ban - Nova ...

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Scientists Create Genetically Engineered Virus
Researchers tested the virus as an alcohol addiction treatment to mice who developed a drinking problem. The next step was to inject the addicted rodents with a genetically engineered virus tasked to deliver a gene into the D1 and D2 neurons. That gene ...

Adviser says Hillary Clinton planning $10 billion initiative against drug addiction if elected president
If Hillary Clinton is president in 2017, she will push for a $10 billion initiative to address the drug addiction crisis facing the country, including the opioid epidemic that has ravaged southwest Pennsylvania, Clinton's domestic policy adviser said ...

Deputy shoots man armed with knife near addiction recovery facility, sheriff says
GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. —A man who pulled a knife on deputies Tuesday afternoon is hospitalized after he was shot by a deputy, according to the Greenville County sheriff. Sheriff Steve Loftis said deputies went to The Turning Point of South Carolina, ...

Celebrate Recovery helps to cure addiction
And he's helping others take steps toward addiction recovery as well. For an alcoholic, “there's three places you end up — locked up, covered up or sobered up,” Hornsby said. “So if you're not sobered up, you've got two choices, and those don't look ...

Support addiction treatment
My name is Cyril Scovens and I have been in recovery from active addiction for 20 years. I want to let our politicians know that we vote for the causes that resonate with us. I need them to sign the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery act (CARA) that is ...

Some See Uptick In 'Voluntary' Addiction Treatment Commitments As Problematic
Signs in the hallways of Greenfield District Court urge families to use Section 35 to access treatment. (Karen Brown/NEPR). Massachusetts is one of about 40 states where someone who abuses drugs or alcohol to an extreme can be legally committed to a ...

Diverse Medicaid rules hurt in fighting addiction
“What we see in far too many Medicaid plans are restrictions and approaches to addiction treatment that are not in line with the way we treat other diseases,” said Dr. Kelly Clark, president-elect of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM ...

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US Addiction Services Provide Advice on Sober Living

Have you ever listened to someone refer to a past addiction from which they’ve been clean for a very long period of time? You will rarely hear them say “I am a recovered addict.” Why? Because that is one of the biggest mistakes an addict can make and that is to overestimate the power your drug of choice has over you. What you will hear them say is “I am a recovering... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Let a Mental Health Problem Go Untreated

If you have been in the throes of a mental health issue, do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? Unfortunately, millions of Americans not only deal with mental health issues on a daily basis, but they know of someone (in some cases multiple people) in the same situation. Those situations can range from mild mental health issues to ones putting a person on the edge of death. That said... [Continue Reading]

Put Substance Abuse in the Rearview Mirror

When women are dealing with substance abuse, the outcome will typically go in one of two directions. On the one hand, they will overcome their addiction/s, allowing them to return to the once normal life they knew before drugs entered their lives. On the flip side, they can be beset with years of heartache, both physically and emotionally. When that takes place, the road back may seem too far... [Continue Reading]

Is It Time to Enter Drug Rehab?

Whether you have been battling a drug addiction for a short period of time or for quite some time now, the goal is to eradicate it. Doing so however can seem quite daunting at times. The challenge of rising above drugs and getting your life back in order that may seem too tall a mountain to climb. For the millions of people dealing with drug addictions, the biggest challenge is oftentimes... [Continue Reading]

Take Care of Your Drug Addiction

When one is battling a drug addiction, he or she has only so many chances to overcome it. For those that do score a victory, it is likely because of they went to a treatment center, had supportive family and friends by their side, and they were committed to winning the battle. In the event your biggest battle right now is drugs, can you win? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to come out... [Continue Reading]

Can You Kick Drugs to the Curb?

If you find yourself in a war against drugs, you really have no choice but to do everything possible to win. As anyone having successfully fought such a battle can tell you, the alternative is not very appealing. From living a life that is void of family and friends to possibly even not having a life to live, drugs can ruin relationships, jobs, financial security and much more. In order for... [Continue Reading]

Six Simple Strategies That Can Help You Overcome Alcohol Addiction

These days, millions of people all over the world are caught in the deadly grip of an alcohol addiction. This disease can cause a wide range of problems in an individual's personal life, and it can also hamper the person's ability to perform well on the job. However, there are numerous strategies you can implement to overcome alcohol addiction and begin leading a healthier life. Here are six... [Continue Reading]

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