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Policy changes in the prevention, treatment and recovery of substance use disorders
Effective evidence-based addiction treatment: Treatment must be long enough to determine the underlying reasons for the patient's addiction. Detoxing only is never enough. Required length of treatment varies with the individual. Patients released after ...

New Haven health centers partner to provide addiction treatment to low-income patients
Humberto Jimenez outside Multicultural Ambulatory Addictions Services on East Street in New Haven on June 15. Jimenez receives treatment for heroin addiction at the center, which recently partnered with another local health care center to provide more ...

Awareness about addiction treatment low, says expert
Addiction is treatable at every stage. It should be considered a family disease and the patient, his or her family members should be emotionally strengthened to get good results. Awareness level about addiction and treatment is low and the addicts or ...

LGBT Rights: Bringing The 'Pride' Movement To Addiction Treatment
The fact that they are more willing to seek treatment opens the door to improved outcomes through the development of addiction treatment plans that address the unique challenges they face. This is true even though LGBT individuals are likely to ...

Understanding the Importance of an Ohio Social Model Detox in Addiction Recovery
Elite Rehab Placement is a no-cost, full service, drug and alcohol rehab assistance provider. Our mission is to help you, or a loved one, to find the right addiction treatment center for your specific needs. We work with several of the top rehab ...

12-step addiction recovery group
Bible study, group discussion, supportive resources and prayer will be available during a 16-week 12-step recovery support group for men and women needing help to overcome addictions, compulsions or habits. The group meets at 7 p.m. Thursdays through ...

Changing The 'How' & The 'Where' In Addiction Treatment
Over the past decade we've seen some pretty dramatic changes when it comes to addiction treatment – new treatment models and new technologies are changing how we deliver services and payer preferences for more integrated, community-based care are ...

Passages Malibu: Celebrity Addiction Treatment Center
The eye of the camera is usually very appealing to celebrities and other public figures, but when it comes to rehabilitation due to drug addiction, privacy is of utmost importance. Exposure to lots and lots of money is bound to get celebrities into ...

Officials battle addiction with recovery
PORT CLINTON — It's clear heroin and other harmful drugs have a tight grip on the area. Numerous overdoses and drug deaths are reported each year. “We're definitely not isolated from it,” Ottawa County commissioner Jim Sass said. “Heroin used to be an ...

Editorial: Keep sharing message of addiction recovery
The crowd of more than 400 people who attended the Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County's 20th annual Risky Business Prevention Conference, held in Westminster, speaks volumes about the pervasiveness of addiction issues plaguing Carroll County ...

Addiction Treatment Center Opens in Leesburg
Compassionate Beginnings, owned and operated by Kimberley L. Berlin, opened an alcohol and substance abuse counseling center in downtown Leesburg. The company provides individual recovery-focused counseling using an integrated approach to ...

In Exclusive Interview, Inmate Talks About Addiction, Recovery, Teaching Fellow Prisoners About Accountability In ...
In Exclusive Interview, Inmate Talks About Addiction, Recovery, Teaching Fellow Prisoners About Accountability In ...

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10 Tips to Help Improve Your Self-Esteem After Drug Rehab

When you first come out of drug rehab, chances are that you’re still going to be feeling pretty low. However, if you’re still struggling to rebuild your self-esteem and it’s taking longer than you expected before you feel normal- don’t worry. Even though you’ve been through a great program at a luxury rehab in Florida, it will definitely still take some time for... [Continue Reading]

Per Wickstrom's Phrases That Will Remind You to Stay on the Right Path

The path to recovery is often littered with potential stumbling blocks that can send you right back into your old ways with a relapse at any given moment, if you let them. Luckily, we operate in a reality that allows us to use our own “free will” to make decisions for ourselves and commit actions based on our own priorities and choices. In other words, you don't have to trip on... [Continue Reading]

10 Unusual Ways to Ease Depression

In today’s fast paced world, depression is all too common. Here are a few ways to help ease the symptoms. Find The Cause If you think a specific thing in your life might be worsening your depression, it would be best to cut it out. Whether this is a friend or a family member, it is important to remember that you should put your mental health first. There is no shame in cutting... [Continue Reading]

Finding a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility that Matches Your Wellness Needs

Every drug addict and alcoholic differs when it comes to the type of treatment to which he or she responds best. Some people may respond very well to a clinical, objective, impersonal approach to recovery while others need the empathy and close support of their medical and therapeutic team. When you have an idea of what kind of treatment you will respond best to, you may wonder where you can... [Continue Reading]

Why Does Drug Addiction Actually Appear?

Drug addiction is a really touchy subject. People from all around the world have to fight misconceptions about it. Unfortunately, we tend to label people without actually understanding what happens. The most important thing with drug addiction is figuring out why it initially appeared. This is how you can find a great treatment option. Unfortunately, most people simply label people as drug... [Continue Reading]

5 Most Effective Tactics to Knock Out Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a common disease that is becoming more prevalent as the years go on. There are many things that help to create this addiction. Knowledge is the greatest key to educating young people and adults about the dangers of abusing substances and the consequences that the individuals with the disease face. As a family member or a friend, you should know how to educate those who are... [Continue Reading]

Celebrities Endorse Choices Recovery at Sundance Film Festival

Drug addiction is not a new topic in the world of celebrities and altogether too many have died as a result of overdose or health related issues from long years of abuse. This past fall the Sundance Film Festival was held in Park City Utah where Choices Recovery sponsored a media table hosted by Courtney Sixx who is a celebrity in her own right but also the wife of Motley Crew’s Nikki... [Continue Reading]

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