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Center for the Study of Addiction & Recovery to host lectureship series in April
Activities for the day include registration and the continental breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.; a presentation about neuroimaging and addiction recovery by Dr. Spencer Bradshaw from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.; an ethics presentation by Dr. David Ivey from ...

How to Choose Best Opoid Addiction Treatment
This unmet need for opioid-addiction treatment is likely to grow in the coming years; therefore, it is important for doctors and patients to be aware of, and choose the proper treatment. This is a need I encounter through my work at Montefiore Medical ...

The #1 Prevention of Relapse in Addiction: A Full-Life Detox
BRENTWOOD, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Addiction Campuses, provider of one of the most comprehensive addiction treatment programs in the country, has comprised a FREE, downloadable infographic called “DETOX YOUR LIFE,” as well as a FREE ...

Acadia buys another addiction treatment company, this time for $53 million
Franklin-based Acadia Healthcare Company has purchased a Wisconsin-based addiction treatment company for $53 million. Quality Addiction Management operates seven comprehensive treatment centers in Wisconsin, serving approximately 2,600 patients ...

Watchdog of Substance Addiction Recovery Industry Selects Insider Media ...
Watchdog of Substance Addiction Recovery Industry Selects Insider Media ...

Meridian goes upscale with addiction treatment center
MINNEAPOLIS – Competition across the country is heating up among addiction treatment centers, with financial analysts predicting growth due to the large pool of patients currently going without treatment. Last month, Meridian Behavioral Health Services ...

Staff at Arizona Drug Addiction Treatment Center Starts Teen Sobriety Support ...
Staff at Arizona Drug Addiction Treatment Center Starts Teen Sobriety Support ...

Best Starting Points in Addiction Recovery Treatment
Seeking professional help for addiction is usually overwhelming. In this professional's opinion, AA and NA (along with your primary care physician) are better starting points, but if you're going to add a trained clinician, please consider starting ...

Amid Federal Pressure, Kentucky Drug Courts Look Into Expanding Addiction ...
Amid Federal Pressure, Kentucky Drug Courts Look Into Expanding Addiction ...

Group Hopes To Find New Location For Addiction Recovery Center
A group in Warren and Washington Counties is still trying to establish a center for recovering addicts after negative reaction from neighbors ruled out one prospective location. The push by the Friends of Recovery Warren and Washington, a group part of ...

Portman authors addiction recovery act
U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) delivered remarks Monday on the economic impact of the prescription drug abuse epidemic in Ohio and around the country. The event was hosted by the Alliance to Prevent the Abuse of Medicines, in partnership with the ...

Public Release: 26-Feb-2015 Discovery about beliefs could prove useful in ...
Public Release: 26-Feb-2015 Discovery about beliefs could prove useful in ...

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How to Help Someone Struggling with Addiction

Many would agree that addiction is a disease that can be very difficult for anyone to live with. Most often, addiction affects every aspects of a person’s life and will even affect the people that they know and care about. Friends and family of a person suffering from addiction may want to help, but have no idea how. Helping someone with addiction can be difficult, but that help could... [Continue Reading]

5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Reaching Their Goals

As another new year approaches, many people are looking to establish some new goals or finally achieve some of the old goals they have been working towards for a long time. This mindset is common during the New Year, but it often is lost by the time February comes around. Setting goals alone is difficult, much less achieving them, so it is easy to understand why these issues are still so... [Continue Reading]

Maintaining Sobriety While Being Social

Just because you are in recovery from alcohol addiction and are living a sober lifestyle does not mean that you can’t still have fun. Many people equate having a good time at a party with drinking, but there is much more to it than that. As you feel stronger in your ability to overcome cravings and temptation, you may decide to spend more time with friends or go to parties and other... [Continue Reading]

Better Sleep: The Key to Recovering from Addiction

Addiction continues to affect millions of lives around the world every day. Many people struggle with addiction their entire lives and are always left wondering why they cannot break this cycle. There are a lot of factors that could affect a person’s ability to recover, and these factors may be different for everyone, but there is one factor that is commonly passed over when people are... [Continue Reading]

4 Tips for Healthy Busy Moms

There are so many things that we as moms have to worry about. Sometimes with everything going on in our lives we forget to take care of ourselves. There is an old saying that a happy mom makes a happy family. Well that works for healthy moms to. Even though motherhood can be overwhelming, stressful, frustrating at times, it can also be glorious and important. Here are some tips that can help... [Continue Reading]

Will Your Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?

There is a lot of published information which indicates that drug abuse is at all all-time high. In fact, according to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, close to 9 percent of the people ages 12 and up surveyed said that they used illicit drugs in the month before the survey. Also, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in that same year, over 2 million of the... [Continue Reading]

5 Benefits of Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction is something that few people can overcome on their own. Even with help the process is difficult. And if you remain in the environment that fostered your addictive behavior and continue spending time with other addicts, your chances for successful rehabilitation decrease significantly. This is the main reason why inpatient rehabilitation facilities exist. And while... [Continue Reading]

How to Shorten Recovery Time After Hip or Knee Surgery

Hip or knee surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures. In fact, if you are an athlete, senior or anyone that has spent a lifetime working on their feet or doing any strenuous activity, your doctor may have mentioned these types of surgeries. But while these types of surgery are common, the recovery time can be long and painful. Most of the time, you are required to stay off your... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways to Speed Up Recovery After Back Surgery

If you’ve ever experienced back pain before, you know how debilitating it can be. And sometimes, when the pain will not go away or there is an underlying cause in our spine or muscles, our doctors will recommend that we have surgery so that the issue can be corrected. And while the surgery will ultimately help your back to feel better, there is a recovery time that we’ll need to... [Continue Reading]

Awareness and Addiction: Can You Overcome Your Alcoholism Gene?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, "Research shows that genes are responsible for about half of the risk for alcoholism." While alcoholism often seems to run in families, there are other factors that may lead someone to become an alcoholic--like environmental factors. While genetics may predispose someone for alcoholism, they aren't responsible for the whole... [Continue Reading]

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