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Rosecrance Launches New Addiction Treatment Program | WRSP
A new program in the Champaign community will help treat adolescents for substance use disorders.Rosecrance held an open house this week for its new ...

The first step to addiction recovery now goes through Stoughton
The first step to addiction recovery now goes through Stoughton. Friday. Posted at 5:21 PM Updated Feb 24, 2017 at 5:33 PM. Share. Stories from Headlines Network. Bay Cove opened a 32-bed detox facility in Stoughton on Wednesday, but plans to double ...

Hidden problem may hinder opioid addiction treatment
Opioid addicts who undergo “medication-assisted treatment” are often using other narcotics before long, a new study cautions. Doctors frequently give addicts buprenorphine, a low-dose opioid, to minimize withdrawal symptoms while they try to get off ...

Opioid addiction treatment, tuition freeze endorsed by lawmakers
AUGUSTA – A legislative committee voted unanimously Friday to endorse a mid-year budget that allocates $3 million to a new opiate addiction treatment program while socking away an additional $35 million in the state's “rainy day” fund. The supplemental ...

Former Newtown Quarterback's Addiction Recovery Inspires Others: Report
Former Newtown Quarterback's Addiction Recovery Inspires Others: Report. NEWTOWN, CT — A former quarterback of the Newtown High School football team is using his struggles with substance abuse as inspiration to help others recover from their own ...

Heroin epidemic spawns stories of loss and recovery
Julie Oster Priebe, an addiction recovery nurse navigator at Crisis Intervention & Recovery Center, encouraged audience members to work to decrease the stigma surrounding addiction by recognizing that it is a brain disease. She also talked about the ...

Middletown woman owes recovery from addiction to Medication ...
Middletown woman owes recovery from addiction to Medication ...

After state transfer, Mille Lacs Band will run native-focused addiction treatment center
For years, the State of Minnesota has run Four Winds, an addiction treatment center with a focus on traditional Native American healing and recovery. The Brainerd-based program is the only one of its kind in the state, and one of only a handful in the ...

Facing pressure, insurance plans loosen rules for covering addiction ...
Facing pressure, insurance plans loosen rules for covering addiction ...

What We're Reading: Hospital Design; Addiction Treatment; and Medicaid Disagreements
In an article for The New York Times, Druv Khullar, MD, wrote that hospitals are poorly designed for patients to rest and heal. Hospitals are incredibly expensive to build, but the close quarters, which increase the risk of infections, are not the only ...

A push to expand coverage for addiction treatment in New Jersey
Vitale believes substance addiction treatment should be treated like any other illness. “If you have a heart attack every year, you're not turned away. If you've come down, God forbid, with cancer and then you have a re-occurrence of that cancer two or ...

Lawmakers, DHHS ready to devote $4.8 million more to opioid addiction treatment
DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew said the outpatient treatment program would take a multifaceted approach – expanding access to addiction treatment and providing access to high-quality, coordinated medical care. The department would spread the ...

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Therap's role in beating addiction

Dealing with addiction is an ongoing battle for anyone at any stage of the recovery process. When an addiction is at its most destructive a treatment program can be essential for a person to lift themselves off rock-bottom and start forging a new life path but once a person is out the other side, the struggle is far from over. Therapy and counseling are essential components to help an addict... [Continue Reading]

Choosing the Right Body Sample for a Drug Test

Drug use can have an adverse effect on students and working employees. Drug addicts are likely to change jobs frequently than non-substance users. They are also prone to workplace accidents, and are tend to be less productive. Drug users are found to be inconsistent in their daily activities, like toggling between home and work, making a presentation, and other such activities. The government... [Continue Reading]

Ibogaine Treatment: An Alternative Approach to Ending Addiction

Finding the right addiction treatment is vital when it comes to finding lasting freedom. And, just as different as each addiction is, approaches to treating addiction can differ greatly as well. Not every person addicted to drugs or alcohol is going to find the freedom they’re looking for in one specific treatment, which is why it’s imperative that they know all options available. ... [Continue Reading]

US Addiction Services Provide Advice on Sober Living

Have you ever listened to someone refer to a past addiction from which they’ve been clean for a very long period of time? You will rarely hear them say “I am a recovered addict.” Why? Because that is one of the biggest mistakes an addict can make and that is to overestimate the power your drug of choice has over you. What you will hear them say is “I am a recovering... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Let a Mental Health Problem Go Untreated

If you have been in the throes of a mental health issue, do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? Unfortunately, millions of Americans not only deal with mental health issues on a daily basis, but they know of someone (in some cases multiple people) in the same situation. Those situations can range from mild mental health issues to ones putting a person on the edge of death. That said... [Continue Reading]

Put Substance Abuse in the Rearview Mirror

When women are dealing with substance abuse, the outcome will typically go in one of two directions. On the one hand, they will overcome their addiction/s, allowing them to return to the once normal life they knew before drugs entered their lives. On the flip side, they can be beset with years of heartache, both physically and emotionally. When that takes place, the road back may seem too far... [Continue Reading]

Is It Time to Enter Drug Rehab?

Whether you have been battling a drug addiction for a short period of time or for quite some time now, the goal is to eradicate it. Doing so however can seem quite daunting at times. The challenge of rising above drugs and getting your life back in order that may seem too tall a mountain to climb. For the millions of people dealing with drug addictions, the biggest challenge is oftentimes... [Continue Reading]

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