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How to Use Distractions to Kick a Bad Habit

Bad habits are all too common in most people’s lives today. Everyone has at least one habit that they wish they could quit cold turkey, but few people feel like they can succeed in breaking this habit.

There are a lot of different methods that people can use to get out of their bag habits. However, one of the most effective methods that many people have found success with is using distractions to replace the habit. Anyone can use these ideas to help stop their habits once and for all. Here are some ways to use distractions to kick a bad habit.

Look for easy solutions to keep the mind busy

There are a lot of simple, go-to activities that a lot of people go towards when they want to take their mind off of everything else and just relax. Often, these are the activities associated with bad habits as well. Try to find easy alternatives for relaxation that do not involve the habit, like using Charter TV promotions and deals to find a distracting TV show.

Avoid multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is usually thought of as a good quality to have. However, a lot of people are multi-tasking when they are partaking in their bad habits, like distracted eating while watching TV. Try to focus full attention and energy on one activity at a time. Some people may even find that this method can help them be more productive throughout the day.

Replace the bad habit with a new activity

The best next step to take is to find an activity that can replace the old bad habit entirely. A lot of people will find it best to try a new, healthy habit that can work in the same times and areas of their life that the old habit existed. For example, try going to a nightly group fitness class instead of heading to the bar for happy hour with friends every day.

Plan out each day

Most often, the recurrence of a bad habit will happen when a person finds themselves with extra time, or oppositely, an extreme rush. These instances can usually be avoided by some careful planning. People who have each day planned out will have less time conflicts and be able to avoid their reckless habits easily, like applying makeup while driving.

Discover subconscious triggers

In addition to obvious triggers that people can see in their lifestyles and the people around them, there are also some subconscious triggers that people may not be as aware of. It is a good idea to search out these triggers to find the real reasons why the habit exists today. For example, it can be more tempting to go towards a bad habit when people feel pressure at their place of employment.

Take it one small step at a time

There are a lot of big moves people can take towards quitting their habits. However, it is usually more beneficial to take the process one step at a time, starting out small.

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